Welcome to my little spot on the internet!

My name is Scott Madsen and I work as a K-12 Technology teacher at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. I get to teach my students how to appreciate and do cool things with technology. I teach them how to code, wrangle Google apps, or how to work an iPad. I also teach High School Digital Graphics, High School Web Development, and coach the Academic Bowl team.

I create ASL videos that focus on STEM content that can be seen at By Scott Madsen.

When I'm not teaching or working on By Scott Madsen, I'm moonlighting as a graphic designer and a front-end web developer at Train Gone Design. I also sell cool stuff in my Etsy Shop.

At the end of the day, at the very core of who I am, I'm a loving husband and a father of two energetic toddlers. My family is my driving focus in everything I do.

Oh yeah, Iā€™m a Padres fan so the last few seasons have been exiciting. Can you say ā€œSLAM DIEGOā€œ?

Until then, take care!